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Precision Today HVAC truck heading out for repair job
Precision Today HVAC truck heading out for repair job

What to Look For in a Chicago Plumber

There’s a lot of trust that goes on between a homeowner and their plumber. Most people in Chicago don’t know altogether too much about their home’s plumbing on their own, which means the homeowner needs to let this professional he does not know come in to his home and give him a price on a job he might not fully understand. Choosing the wrong plumber can result in needlessly expensive, shoddy, and even dangerous work! But when you choose Precision Plumbing, you’re guaranteed to be making the right decision. How do we know this?

Because we meet all three of the qualifications for what to look for in a Chicago Plumber. Whenever you have a plumber come to your home to provide an estimate or a repair, you should have some idea of how they size up to the 3 Ls of trustworthy plumbing.

The 3 Ls of Trustworthy Plumbing

At Precision Plumbing, we meet all three of the 3 L prerequisites. That’s why we’ve been trusted by homeowners in Kane, Dupage, and Suburban Cook Counties since 1992! Our 5-star rated service is simply unbeatable, as is our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. But before your plumber can ever hope to raise the standards of home plumbing service as we have, they have to be:

  1. Licensed– Having an official plumbing license means you’re professionally trained as well as properly insured. Unlicensed plumbers may try to do your plumbing work for cheaper, making them a tempting alternative, but the reality is that you’ll be paying a lot more in the likely instance that your unlicensed plumber injures himself during a job or doesn’t do the work correctly the first time around.
  2. Local– Every state has slightly different regulations for how to install sewer drains, connect water lines, and place plumbing fixtures. When you work with someone from out of state, they may not be familiar with the local codes. A certified local expert from Precision will always be familiar with area regulations and complete your project according to them. We truly are the Chicago plumbers of choice.
  3. Lawful– The subject of code compliance brings us to our final lawfulness. In the suburbs of Chicago, plumbers have a strict set of laws to abide by regarding how they perform work, what products they use, and how they can advertise their service. For instance, water heater efficiency standards have been raised nationwide, so after April 15th all homeowners looking for water heater replacement will need to upgrade to a higher efficiency model. At Precision, we know this, but an unlicensed plumber might not.

Plus, when you work with Precision, all of the pricing is done upfront so you know exactly what you’re getting and for how much. Call the local plumbing experts at Precision for a quality Chicago plumber at (630) 425-8995 !

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