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What to Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

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Discovering a leaking water heater in your home can be a stressful and alarming situation. A leaking water heater not only wastes water but can also lead to potential water damage and costly repairs if left unattended. As a homeowner in Chicagoland, it’s essential to know what steps to take when faced with a leaking water heater.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the actions you can take to address this issue promptly and efficiently, ensuring the safety and comfort of your home. Trust Precision Today, your reliable local plumbing experts, to help you navigate this situation and resolve your water heater issues effectively.

Shut Off the Water Supply

The first step to take when you notice your water heater leaking is to immediately shut off the water supply. Locate the water heater’s cold-water inlet valve, which is typically located near the top of the unit. Turn the valve clockwise until it’s fully closed to stop the water flow into the tank. This crucial step helps prevent further water damage and gives you time to assess the situation before seeking professional assistance.

Turn Off the Power

A plumber evaluating and adjusting a water heater in Chicagoland.

Once you’ve shut off the water supply, it’s essential to turn off the power to the water heater. If your water heater runs on electricity, locate the circuit breaker or fuse that controls it and switch it off. For gas-powered water heaters, find the gas control valve near the bottom and turn it to the “off” position. By cutting off the power source, you minimize the risk of electrical or gas-related hazards while you determine the cause of the leak.

Identify the Source of the Leak

After securing the water heater, inspect the unit to identify the source of the leak. Common causes of water heater leaks include a faulty pressure relief valve, a damaged drain valve, or a rusted tank. Check for any visible signs of water pooling around the unit, paying attention to the connections and fittings. Take note of the location and size of the leak, as this information will be valuable when you contact a professional plumber for assistance.

Address Minor Leaks

If the leak appears minor and you have some plumbing experience, you may attempt to address the issue temporarily. For instance, a leaking pressure relief valve might require replacement, which is a relatively straightforward DIY task. However, keep in mind that DIY fixes may not provide a long-term solution. It’s best to call a professional plumber to inspect and repair your unit thoroughly and provide quality water heater repair services.

Call a Professional Plumber

A young female homeowner discusses her home’s needs with a professional plumber in her home in Chicagoland.

Calling a professional plumber to handle your leaky water heater is of utmost importance for several reasons. First and foremost, water heaters can be complex systems, and attempting a DIY repair without proper knowledge and experience can lead to further damage or safety hazards. A professional plumber possesses the expertise to accurately diagnose the issue and implement the right solution efficiently.

Moreover, water heater leaks can vary in severity and have multiple potential causes. A skilled plumber can identify the root cause and ensure that the repair addresses the underlying problem, preventing recurrent leaks. Professional plumbers are also equipped with the right tools and quality parts to carry out repairs effectively, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your water heater.

When it comes to your home’s safety and the functionality of your water heater, entrusting the job to a professional is the best decision you can make. Contact our team at Precision Today for expert assistance.

Contact Precision Today to Handle Your Leaky Water Heater

When faced with a leaking water heater, swift and decisive action is essential to prevent further damage to your home. Shut off the water supply and power, then carefully identify the source of the leak. While minor leaks may be temporarily addressed, it’s crucial to seek the expertise of a professional plumber to diagnose and repair the issue properly. As a trusted local plumbing company in Chicagoland,

Precision Today is your go-to solution for water heater leaks and all of your plumbing needs. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to efficiently diagnose and fix water heater issues, ensuring your home’s safety and comfort. Don’t hesitate to contact us for prompt and reliable assistance, as we are committed to delivering top-quality plumbing services to homeowners in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas.

Take control of your water heater leaks today by relying on Precision Today for expert solutions tailored to your needs. Call (630) 425-8995 for expert service today!


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