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How The National Water Heater Shortage May Affect You

Due to the cold weather that rocked the nation, and specifically our southern counterparts, the plumbing industry has taken a hit production wise and has been unable to meet the demand of consumers. This has resulted in a long line of customers waiting for water heaters to be installed in their homes due to a national shortage. Even though this intense weather occurred during the early months of 2021, plumbing companies and manufacturers around the country are still feeling the effects. Read below to see the impact of our current climate, how it can affect you when installing a new water heater in your home and what you can do during this time.

A water heater is an integral part of providing you comfort at home. More time at home means more showers, more hand washing, and more dishwashing which has made installing a new water heater much more desirable. While many people are waiting for a Tank Water Heater due to Winter Storm Uri and the production backlog it has created, some homeowners are turning to Tankless Water Heaters which are a better alternative to your standard water heater that haven’t been affected by these shortages. Plumbing companies were overwhelmed during this storm and due to its intensity, companies and plumbing hardware companies are still feeling the effects today.

Some homeowners are looking to upgrade their water heater because it needs to be replaced. Others are in emergency situations because they have a leak or a complete system failure where they desperately need a new system. With this shortage, it is possible it will take longer to replace it. Although homes come in different sizes with different needs, the average sized water heater is most commonly used and may not be available on short notice in the case of an emergency. While some people may think it may be easy to be without one for a while, think about how much you use water on a daily basis!

A simple solution to the tank water heater crisis is to simply go tankless. Here’s a few facts about a tankless system:

  • Tankless water heaters allow for instant hot water in your home and no delay or wait for water to heat up.
  • Although they may be a bigger investment up front, their energy efficiency will pay off in the long run – allowing for homeowners to have lower utility bills.
  • They last longer than your standard water heater.

Don’t wait any longer for comfort. Our team is here for all your plumbing needs and we are ready to jump on it today if an issue arises in your home. Contact Precision Today for any questions about your home or water heater needs at (630) 425-8995 to schedule your appointment and we will be happy to answer them for you!

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