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Glendale Heights, IL Drain Cleaning: How Can You Avoid a Scam Service?

There’s reason to be weary as scammers have left a sour note in the drain cleaning industry. They have taken advantage of inexperienced homeowners, performing ineffective service and costing them lots of money. Some are quite devious.

It is a good idea to first check with the Better Business Bureau or even online reviews. You should know as much as possible about who is doing your Glendale Heights, IL drain cleaning. If a so-called contractor is trying to scare you into requesting service, such as warning of sewer overflow if you don’t accept a major repair, it can be a red flag. You can turn the water off to prove the issue is a pipe at home. Always be weary if the sales strategy seems to be pressure-oriented.

You can avoid a scam by being diligent. It’s essential to be extremely sharp once technicians enter your home.

Here are a few signs and tips:

  • Awkward questions: Your visitors might immediately start asking questions about your spouse or marital status. Scammers often look to widowed individuals, the elderly, and other vulnerable people to prey upon. Companies actually train them to find who is most susceptible to a scam, making it basically a game of psychology.
  • Beware of video inspections: If the contractor suggests a video inspection, make sure they tape something that looks familiar. Starting the recording beforehand proves it is live and they’re not playing a prerecorded tape of a clogged or damaged pipe. Too many people have fallen victim to this scam and paid the price.
  • Know the techniques: A little research can educate you on how things are done. Contractors may suggest high cost solutions such as high pressure jetting. A snake with a rotating cable can do the same thing, depending on the problem of course, and costs a lot less.
  • Keep a close eye on them: Dishonest companies can employ techniques such as sending two workers. They might say they’re inspecting the home, but one will look around to gather information or even leave evidence of problems themselves. One technique is to place dirt around and say it is from a broken sewer pipe. If a guy has a bag of rocks, be weary of that too. Scammers have intentionally clogged up drains and pipes so there is a problem they can fix and charge you for.
  • Don’t be sold: A lot of questionable contractors sell pipe liners rather than dig up old pipes. There are a few problems with this solution. Liners often cost just as much as excavation and replacement. They also reduce the pipe diameter. In many cases, they have collapsed into the pipe in just a few short years.

There are clear signs of scam drain service. You just need to be vigilant and it’s possible to avoid being ripped off. For expert and honest Glendale Heights, IL drain cleaning, call Precision today at (630) 425-8995 to isolate and fix the problem for good.

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