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4 Common Water Heater Problems Fixed by Glen Ellyn Plumber

Sure, getting your water heater repaired isn’t as widely associated with the holiday season as, say, decking the halls or wrapping presents but it’s nonetheless. You may have all the gifts in the world but your holiday cheer would sink if your water heater isn’t available to provide you with hot water for all of your plumbing fixtures. That means no hot water for showers, washing the dishes, and cooking your big holiday dinner. This could be especially disheartening at this time of year when temperatures are dipping below freezing and snowfall is soon to come.

Fortunately, at Precision, we have a Glen Ellyn plumber who can fix all of your water heater woes. Our team of plumbers have seen it all in their years of service and if you think there is a problem they can’t handle, then think again! One phone call to Precision for water heater repair is all you need to keep those holiday spirits high and ensure a steady flow of hot water for all members of your household. Hot water equals a happier holidays!

What Can Our Glen Ellyn Plumber Do for You?

Our plumbers have tackled some of the most difficult water heater problems with relative ease. Though we’ve encountered plenty of situation, here are the 4 most common problems our Glen Ellyn plumber often comes across:

  1. Contaminated Water: Discolored water hints at a contaminated water supply. Rust or corrosion on an older storage tank can seep into the water supply and make water hazardous to use or consume. There’s also the threat of sediment buildup in your water. Our Glen Ellyn plumber can drain your storage tank to rid it of any contaminants to keep you safe and healthy.
  2. No Hot Water: There’s no worse a feeling than stepping into the shower in the morning and being greeted by a blast of cold water. If your water heater isn’t heating up water at all, it can be indicative of numerous problems with your water heater. No matter what, you can count on your plumbers to get to the root of the problem.
  3. Physical Appearance: If you have a water heater with a storage tank, then you may face the chance of experiencing leaks or cracks. If you do not call for professional service immediately, you may see the costs of monthly bills go up. Worse, you’re wasting valuable water that would be otherwise used for plumbing fixtures.
  4. Unusually High Water Heater Temperature: If your water is hot to the point of scalding, it is usually a sign of thermostat issues and can make water incredibly dangerous to use. Our Glen Ellyn plumber can identify what’s wrong with your thermostat and restore your water to a healthy temperature.

Contact Precision today at (630) 425-8995 if you want to get your water heater problems fixed in short order thanks to our Glen Ellyn plumber!

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