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3 Warning Signs You Need Toilet Repair in Elmhurst, IL

Do you know the warning signs you need toilet repair in Elmhurst, IL?

The truth is that a lot of homeowners don’t really notice that their toilet isn’t functioning properly—until something happens to aggravate the situation. Unfortunately, by that time, a lot of damage has already happened. That’s why we’re going to share with you the top warning signs your toilet needs some TLC.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair in Elmhurst, IL

A toilet is a uniquely simple device—yet it’s brilliantly designed. Of course, you’re probably familiar with toilets with a motion activated flush, but we’re going to assume that most homeowners in the Elmhurst region still have a good old hand-flush toilet in each bathroom. Now, these types of toilets are durable and the mechanism doesn’t have very many moving parts, which is great news because it means there’s not much that can go wrong. But when something does go wrong, it can really go wrong. Be alert to the following warning signs:

  1. The toilet keeps running. This problem isn’t really damaging to your home—but it can blast a hole in your budget if you don’t get it fixed in time. This kind of problem is usually due to sediment build up on the chain that shuts off the valve between the tank and the bowl.
  2. The tank leaks. A leaking tank is a problem you need to get fixed yesterday. Again, it costs water, which costs money. But any water that escapes from the tank and runs down the wall and into the floor is going to cause water damage. And if you don’t address that problem in time, you’re potentially looking at thousands of dollars of damage.
  3. The bowl is damaged. The problem with a damaged bowl is not only that it can result in leaks, but more importantly, that the leaking water is contaminated. And that’s a hygiene issue you need to take care of immediately.

Contact Precision for Toilet Repair in Elmhurst, IL

Do you remember the episode of Frasier called “Seat of Power?” The esteemed psychiatrist and his brother Niles try to fix Frasier’s leaking toilet because that can’t be too difficult, right? Well, as the brothers soon discover, it takes knowledge, skill, and experience to repair a toilet—and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause even more damage.

So be smarter than TV’s most memorable psychiatrist. Call the team at Precision for toilet repair in Elmhurst, IL at (630) 425-8995.

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