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Villa Park: How Many Bananas Can You Flush Down The Toilet?

Have you ever wondered exactly how many bananas you can flush down the toilet? What about chicken nuggets? Well, wonder no longer, for like all of the great philosophical questions of our age, it turns out there’s an app for that.

American Standard , a leading toilet manufacturer, has recently released the American Standard Toilet Challenge app. Users can test a toilet’s flushing power against a variety of obstacles including golf balls and kitty litter. The app is designed to help homeowners shop for the best toilet, but obviously, it’s ideal for those staff meetings that go on and on and on…

Villa Park: Installing a New Toilet

Whether you’re having a new toilet installed or replacing an existing toilet, you have a range of choices. Toilets are more than the simply white porcelain bowls of yesteryear. High efficiency toilets – sometimes known as low-flush toilets – help homeowners conserve water and save money. Comfort height toilets are among the most popular upgrades for homeowners who are getting older – or know people who are!

The Best Way To Shop For Toilets

When you’re trying to determine what type of toilet is right for your family, it’s essential to keep the following in mind:

  • Local building codes: Some municipalities are requiring the use of high-efficiency toilets in all new construction and some renovations. Check with your contractor or Villa Park plumber or local code enforcement officer for details.
  • Family needs: Health concerns and mobility challenges may determine what type of toilet works best.
  • Design and decor: The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Shouldn’t it be stylish? American Standard, Crane, and Kohler are among the many toilet manufacturers offering a range of toilet models. There are more options than you might imagine. This is good news for the home owner who wants a home as unique as they are!

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