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Ask an Arlington Heights Plumber: How Do You Know If Your Pipes are Frozen?

One of the worst situations you can encounter during the fall and winter is frozen pipes, which is why Precision is here to provide you with an Arlington Heights plumber who can fix it immediately. Frozen pipes can leave you without working plumbing fixtures and make your home incredibly hazardous. It can also cost you more money on monthly utility bills due to wasted water. You may even have to find another place to live as the issue is being sorted. A quarter of a million homes each year in the United States alone experience frozen pipes, and plenty of homes in Arlington Heights at risk.

Precision has an Arlington Heights plumber who is ready to repair your frozen pipes if you’re met with such a possibility. You may think frozen pipe repair is an extensive process, but our Arlington Heights aims to make repairs quick and efficient as possible. We understand the need for working plumbing fixtures during the colder months is particularly high, which is why we always go the extra mile to have all of your needs met!

When Should You Call an Arlington Heights Plumber?

Getting your frozen pipes fixed is an urgent matter, but when should you make the call? Here’s some signs you’re pipes are freezing or ready to burst:

  1. Damp Drywall: Leaking pipes will allow water to seep into your drywall, which can lead to extensive water damage if left untreated. If you notice your drywall is looking damp, then it’s a sign you have a frozen or bust pipe in your home. Refusal to get professional assistance may lead to spending more money on home remodeling services.
  2. Persistent Plumbing Issues: Experiencing more drain clogs in your sink? Is your toiler not flushing properly? Then please call for professional assistance from an Arlington Heights plumber immediately. While this can indicative of numerous problems with your plumbing, frozen or burst pipes shouldn’t be ruled out as a possibility.
  3. Unusual Noises or Odors: Are you smelling an unpleasant sewer odor coming from your sink, toilet, and drains? Then it’s possible there is a problem with your pipes in need of fixing. Also, if you hear unusual noises like bubbling, then it’s also a sign your pipes may be frozen. Always keep your ears and nose open to anything unusual!

Contact Precision today for an Arlington Heights plumber who can fix your frozen pipes and make this season trouble-free!

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