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How to Avoid Emergency Plumbing Situations This Spring

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Many households make extensive preparations for plumbing problems that may arise during the winter. It’s true that professionals who offer emergency plumbing services will tell you that the region’s winters can be extremely taxing on your plumbing. However, the arrival of spring does not mean the end of all plumbing issues. On the contrary, now is an excellent time to inspect your plumbing system and ensure that everything is in good working order before the warmer months arrive.

When you need professional help with your plumbing, please contact Precision Today to learn how we can help you. For your own benefit, here are some of the most common plumbing emergencies you may encounter in the spring and how to avoid them:

Leaky Pipes

Leaks are a common occurrence in older plumbing systems. Even a small amount of freezing water in the pipes and outdoor plumbing fixtures can significantly increase this risk, causing cracks and subsequent leaking. Check for leaks in pipes both inside and outside your home, as well as water lines beneath decks, around outdoor taps, and fixtures connected to your sprinkler system. Common leak indicators include foul odors caused by dampness, higher water bills despite constant consumption, and visible signs of excessive wetness in specific areas inside and outside your home.

It is best to hire a professional plumber to repair any leaks and inspect your entire plumbing system for any repairs or upgrades that are required. Older homes with plumbing installed 40 or 50 years ago should have their pipes inspected to see how long they can be expected to last. Depending on their condition, repiping may be a good investment.

Slow Drains

A leaking plumbing pipe that requires an emergency plumber to perform repairs for a home in Carol Stream, IL.

If all or most of your home’s drains are slow, the problem could be due to a blockage in the sewer line. There are numerous potential causes for this issue, ranging from tree roots that have grown toward the sewer line in search of water to small leaks that facilitate the rapid growth and intrusion of vegetation into your sewer line. This is a common springtime issue as the ground begins to thaw, and any damaged pipes have the potential to leak.

This can be avoided by hiring licensed, professional plumbers to inspect and map your plumbing system’s location in relation to your landscaping. They can then advise on appropriate changes, such as rerouting the sewer line and outdoor plumbing or repiping if it has already been damaged.

Poor Water Pressure

Arguably the most serious threat to your home’s plumbing system is frozen pipes because the effects of any damage are usually hidden during the winter when the pipes freeze. When your frozen pipes thaw in the spring, you may notice cracking, leaking, or even bursting. A significant drop in water pressure throughout your home is a common indicator of these issues.

A blockage in your main water line could also cause a drop in water pressure. Low water pressure, regardless of the cause, indicates a problem with your water system that should be investigated by a fully licensed, professional plumber.

Clogged Pipes


With everyone staying at home for winter holiday parties and your family and guests taking extra-long showers, your home’s plumbing system will be working overtime for a few weeks. However, as things return to normal in the spring, you may notice that the water in your bathroom drains slower than usual, most likely due to hair and dirt clogging the drain and causing it to back up.

This is actually a fairly common problem all year round, so it’s critical to remove any debris from the drain during routine general cleaning. Clogged pipes connected to the kitchen sink may also become clogged as a result of oil and grease poured down the drain, which solidifies easily when temperatures drop. To unclog the kitchen or bathroom drain yourself, you can use a plunger or a plumbing snake. If this fails, contact your local plumber.

Blocked Gutters

A plumber holding a club of leaves and tree roots that were clogging a gutter in Carol Stream, IL.

The combination of snow melting and spring vegetation growing can quickly clog your gutters with leaves, twigs, and other organic debris. If debris gets into the downspout, it can cause a serious blockage and subsequent water damage. To avoid this, inspect your gutters on a regular basis and clear any debris as soon as the temperatures rise and the snow begins to melt. If you want to have professional eyes inspect your gutters or you have safety concerns using a ladder, please contact our experts at Precision Today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Depending on the type of drainage in place, your home may be at risk of flooding as the frozen water in the ground begins to liquidate. If this problem has previously occurred, you should hire a professional plumber or landscaper to design proper drainage and prevent it from recurring in the future. The last thing any homeowner wants is water damage to their property, so please take the required preventative measures to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary headaches.

Contact Precision Today for Emergency Plumbing Repair

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time, either as a result of the accumulation of minor issues over time or due to the sudden failure of a critical component. Whatever the cause of the problem, the only solution is to call emergency plumbing services. Even well-maintained plumbing systems can fail due to unforeseen events, so it is best to leave the care of your home’s system to the professionals.

Call Precision Today at (630) 425-8995 for more information on how to avoid a plumbing emergency in the spring.

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