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Precision Today HVAC truck heading out for repair job

A Plumber in Romeoville is Here to Tell You About the Dangers of a Leaky Faucet!

We’ve got a plumber in Romeoville ready to inform you that the drip-drop of a leaky faucet isn’t a minor inconvenience; it’s a warning sign. However, that doesn’t keep Romeoville residents from ignoring it time and time again. There are several unforeseen dangers in leaving a leaky faucet untreated that can wreak havoc on your plumbing and savings. Before you know it, that seemingly harmless drip-drop sound of a leaky faucet can turn into your biggest nightmare!

Precision is happy to provide a plumber in Romeoville who can fix that leaky faucet in a jiffy, but you must make the call to us immediately at the first sign. If you think a leaky faucet isn’t anything to concern yourself with, then it could be the mistake that causes your home’s plumbing to be permanently damaged and leave you scraping the bottom of the barrel for more money!

What Does Our Plumber in Romeoville Say?

Getting that leaky faucet fixed will save you from plenty of future headaches. But in case you aren’t aware of how much damage a leaky faucet can bring, here’s what sort of trouble it can create:

  • Higher Water Bills: Did you know a leaky faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water if left untreated? This can send the costs of your water bills to skyrocket and it’s not exactly eco-friendly. Eco-friendly water practices may not seem like a priority but if you want to save plenty of long-term money, getting your leaky faucet fixed is exactly what you need.
  • Increased Rusting: Moisture and metal do not mix into something nice. Lengthy periods of leaking can transform your sleek, sheen faucet into something rusted and deteriorating. It shortens your faucet’s lifespan, especially when the rust begins to really set. This can lead to you having to spend money on extensive repair due to water damage.
  • Mold Growth: Leaky faucets can lead to a higher risk of mold growth which, in addition to looking unpleasant, is incredibly hazardous for you and your family. If mold seeps into the water spouting from the faucet at all, it can contaminate drinking water and result in serious health consequences if consumed including nausea and breathing problems.

If any of this sounds horrific to you, then please call Precision at (630) 425-8995 so we can send a plumber in Romeoville to your doorstep who can fix your leaky faucet as soon as possible!

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