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Precision Today HVAC truck heading out for repair job
Precision Today HVAC truck heading out for repair job

Chicago Plumbers Are Staying Busy This Year

After the long, hard winter we’ve had, it’s no surprise that Chicago plumbers are staying very busy this spring. A lot of the work has to do with cleaning up after the winter, while at the same time, plumbers are being called in to help property owners get their homes and businesses ready for the warmer months. Here are just some of the services Precision provides to help you with your spring cleaning:

Sump Pump Repair or Replacement

With snowfall having reached record heights in many parts of the country, the resulting melt water is having an impact on commercial and residential properties alike. For homeowners whose basements aren’t equipped with adequate drainage systems, Chicago plumbers are being called in to help with flooded basements by repairing broken sump pumps. In some cases, old sump pumps don’t have the capacity to handle this amount of water and have to be replaced. Fortunately, qualified plumbing professionals know just how to deal with this type of situation and can advise homeowners and business owners on the best type of pump for their properties.

Drain Unclogging

Another common problem plumbers are called in to fix are clogged drains. Whether it’s a kitchen sink, a bath tub or a toilet, having a clogged drain is inconvenient and unhealthy. Fortunately, today’s plumbers are equipped with the latest tools that allow them to quickly and effectively unclog drains. They even have cameras they can insert into the drain to look for cracks and other damages that could create a problem.

Plumbing Installations and Upgrades

Spring’s almost here, and for many homeowners, that signals the time to upgrade existing plumbing in their homes. Whether it’s the installation of a new bathroom complete with a sink, shower, bathtub and toilet or replacing old pipes in a kitchen with a new, code compliant system, qualified and experienced plumbers know how to perform these installations safely and effectively.

Water Filtration and Softening

Last, but certainly not least, Chicago plumbers can help improve the quality of your home’s water. Professional water filtration systems remove minerals and additives that make water taste strange, while water softeners condition water and make it less harsh on your skin, hair, clothes and appliances.

Remember: when you have a plumbing issue, contact a reputable Chicago plumber to help you resolve the situation safely and quickly!

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