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3 Signs You Have Sewer Backup in Glen Ellyn, IL

You may not think about the inner workings of your sewer system on a daily basis, but you rely on your sewer every day to keep your household running. You don’t notice all the good things it does, but when it backs up, your sewer system will be hard to ignore. If you’re faced with a sewer backup in Glen Ellyn, IL, the expert plumbers at Precision are ready to help. They’re a family-based business with over two decades of experience, and Precision understands how important it is to keep your sewer system functioning properly. Here are three ways you can tell that it’s time to enlist their professional help.

Multiple Clogged Drains

An occasional clogged drain isn’t anything to be alarmed about, but if your bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and toilet, are all clogged at the same time, your sewer system is most likely backed up. Grease, hair, food particles, and other kinds of gunk collect within pipes to create clogs. While all clogs should be treated seriously, a major clog or a clog in the main sewer line will create plumbing problems with potential to cause serious damage. If you notice clogs in drains that you rarely ever used, like the ones in your guest bathroom, that’s an even bigger sign that you’re not dealing with an average clog.

Water Coming Out of Drains

Water is supposed to go down the drain, not back up. You shouldn’t hear gurgling sounds coming from your shower drain every time you flush the toilet. You also shouldn’t walk into your kitchen to find your sink full of dirty, brown water. If this happens to you, don’t ignore it. Water backing up out of your drains is your sewer system’s way of warning you about impending problems.

Bubbles and More Bubbles

Air gets trapped in pipes when water tries to get past something obstructing its path. Nine out of ten times, that something is a clog that has grown to a significant size. The air can’t stay in the pipes forever, and when it escapes, it causes bubbling. If you notice that your toilet water bubbles every time you flush or bubbles form around the drain in your sink, this should tell you that you’re dealing with sewer backup in Glen Ellyn, IL.

If you suspect that your sewer system is backing up, the sooner you call for professional help, the better. Call Precision as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse at (630) 425-8995. They also encourage new clients to visit their website to learn more about how they handle a sewer backup in Glen Ellyn, IL.

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