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3 Popular Myths about Elgin Drain Cleaning

When you’ve got a drain clog, you will probably take any cleaning advice and accept it as the truth, but there are plenty of “facts” homeowners continue to believe about Elgin drain cleaning that are actually myths. Unlike any tall tales you read in fantasy books, buying into misconceptions about drain cleaning may only lead to you further damaging your drains. It’s important to separate fact from fiction so you can clean your drains safely and effectively, or else it may result even more problems with your drains that will cause plenty of headaches and hair-pulling!
Precision is here to serve as the mythbuster to popular misconceptions shared by many homeowners about Elgin drain cleaning. Our plumbers have provided Elgin residents with drain cleaning service that doesn’t miss a step in terms of ensuring your drains are spotless. We understand better than any other drain cleaning service company what it means to clean drains effectively, which means we’re more than happy to tell you the truth behind certain myths. It’s time to debunk and tell you the truth!

What Shouldn’t You Believe about Drain Cleaning?

Unsure how to separate the true and the false? Take a look at behind these 3 popular drain cleaning myths:

  1. Items Can’t Be Retrieved Once They Go Down the Drain: Let’s just say you dropped a ring or a small toy down the drain. The popular misconception here is that there is nothing you can do in this situation, and chances of retrieving that item are hopeless. But it’s not true! If you lose an item down the drain, you can turn your water off. Put bucket under your drain pipe as you unscrew the j-trap. The missing item should be retrieved quickly!
  2. Acid-Based Products are Effective Drain Cleaners: While acid-based products can get rid of some clogs, it doesn’t mix particularly well with grease. Acid-based solutions can melt grease, which will only re-solidify further down the pipe. Bleach solutions are much better and will turn grease into CO2+water. Plus, they’re much less hazardous.
  3. DIY Drain Cleaning is the Way to Go: Sure, there are a few minor clogs you can handle on your own with a plunger, but it is best not to rely on DIY drain cleaning all the time. For tougher clogs, you need the help of a professional plumber who can ensure cleaning is done effectively. A licensed professional will know exactly what solution is better for a particular clog.

Contact Precision today if you want to learn more about what myths you should avoid with Elgin drain cleaning!


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