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5 Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

A person flushing a toilet that has been clogged in a residential home in Carol Stream, IL.

Toilets that featured indoor plumbing have only been around since the late 1800s. This modern-day convenience is something we never have to question, that is, until something clogs our plumbing system. Taking care of your drains is one of the easiest ways to prevent a damaging clog in your toilet – so what can and cannot go down the drain? Precision Today is here to educate our customers on 5 everyday items that should never go down the drain that you’ve probably flushed before.

“Flushable” Wipes

You’re probably wondering, what’s the point of flushable wipes if we can’t even use them? That’s a great question – unfortunately, many companies boast of their drain-friendly products that, in reality, do more harm than good. Wet wipes are great for on-the-go, however, these can be damaging to your home’s plumbing system when used regularly. They do not break down easily and can clog your drain with only a few uses. If you choose to use wipes instead of toilet paper, keep a separate bin in your bathroom to dispose of these wipes, and stick to dissolvable toilet paper for flushing use. When you notice frequent clogs, get in touch with Precision Today for reliable drain cleaning services.


While a few strands of loose hair are unavoidable at times, it is never recommended to flush large chunks of hair down your toilet. Hair is known for sticking to the inside of pipes and clumping together. When enough has been flushed down the drain, your toilet can begin suffering from frequent clogs and even drain problems that need professional attention. Precision Today offers reliable drain cleaning and clog removal services for homes in Carol Stream, IL. To protect your drains in your sink and shower, we recommend using drain covers with every use, and being conscious of how hair can make its way into your toilet during daily routines.

A woman brushing her hair with a wooden brush in a residential bathroom in Carol Stream, IL.

Cotton Balls or Swabs

Cotton balls are just tiny circles of toilet paper, right? Well, not exactly. Even those these small cotton pieces are easy enough to flush, they do not breakdown in water. In fact, they absorb liquids and can build up on the insides of your pipelines until you have a serious clog on your hands. When enough cotton balls or swabs are flushed, you can expect constant blockages, broken pipes, and leaks that cause serious damage in your home. Contact Precision Today in Carol Stream, IL if your toilet is clogged or your plumbing system needs to be professionally cleaned.

Paper Towels & Tissues

We’ve all had it happen when you’ve run out of toilet paper and paper towels or facial tissues are the next best thing in reach. While one or two instances won’t destroy your plumbing system, repeated flushing of these non-toilet paper products can be hazardous on your drainage system. These paper products are designed to absorb liquid, not dissolve in it. That means it’s going to have a much harder time breaking down in your pipes and likely result in a clog. Always put your paper towels and tissues in the garbage can and keep extra toilet paper on hand if you’ve missed your weekly grocery store visit. If you’re toilet is already clogged, make sure to contact our plumbers at Precision Today for reliable drain cleaning in Carol Stream, IL.

A person wearing red nail polish grabbing a paper towel from a commercial bathroom in Carol Stream, IL.

Medications or Other Hazardous Materials

Many people think that discarding their expired medication or hazardous cleaning products down the toilet is the proper way to rid their home of these materials. Unfortunately, you’re causing serious damage in your plumbing pipes that can cost thousands of dollars in repairs when done continuously. Products like window cleaner, pain medication, bathroom cleaner, and other chemicals break down the inside of your drains and cause weak points that can crack into your home or out on your property. If you’re suffering a plumbing emergency that stems from your toilet, call Precision Today at (630) 523-8453 for 24/7 emergency pluming repair in Carol Stream, IL. 

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