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Signs You May Need a Rooter Service to Fix a Clog

A plumber in the Greater Chicago Area performing a rooter service using an electric drain snake. A clogged bathtub in a residential home needing a rooter service.

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, one of which being your plumbing system. Unless you have experience as a certified plumber, understanding what’s wrong with your drains can be near impossible. At Precision Today, our plumbers are the leading experts in rooter service and drain cleaning for homes in the Greater Chicago Area. Whether you have a plumbing emergency or are experiencing slow moving water in your bathtub or kitchen sink, our team is here to help. Here are a few signs that your drains may need a rooter service to detect and remove a potential clog.

Multiple Clogs

If you notice that not just your bathroom sink is clogged, but your tub is suffering too, chances are you have a serious obstruction in your plumbing system. Precision Today has modern plumbing technology that offers camera drain equipment to identify multiple clogs in your home’s pipes. Signs that you have multiple clogs throughout your property include multiple faucets that are slow moving, rising water in more than one sink or tub, and wastewater buildup. Our team offers 24/7 emergency rooter services in the Greater Chicago Area when your drains aren’t working properly.

Odd Fixture Malfunctions

Often times when your sewer line clogs, homeowners will notice their kitchen and bathroom fixtures acting strangely. If your toilet is backing up and you notice that the kitchen drain is making gurgling noises or your shower water slows when you turn your washing machine on, these could be signs of a rooter issue. Precision Today is the leading plumbing contractor in the Greater Chicago Area for fixture malfunctions and clogged drains. Don’t wait around for an emergency to strike; tackle your plumbing issue with a rooter service from our plumbers. We’ll take a look at your entire drain system to determine the location and cause of your clogs.

A bathroom sink faucet in the Greater Chicago Area that is spewing dirty yellow water. A sink faucet that needs a professional rooter service to get rid of a clog.

Strange Noises in Plumbing Fixtures

Any gurgling, bubbling, or pounding noises coming from your plumbing fixtures are never a good sign. This usually means that you have a serious drain clog that is causing pressure to build up in your pipes. These are one of the first signs homeowners notice when their bathroom and kitchen drains become clogged. In order to locate and resolve the concerning sounds coming from your plumbing system, you’ll need an experienced plumber to conduct a rooter service. At Precision Today, we have decades of experience removing clogs using drain snakes and camera drain equipment. As soon as you notice strange sounds coming from your faucets or drains, give our Greater Chicago team a call right away.

Slow Shower & Tub Drains

When hair, soap residue, and other body products wash down the drain, they stick to the sides of your plumbing system, slowly creating blockages that affect your shower and tub. When left unmaintained, these products can completely clog your system, requiring professional rooter services to restore your pipes. At Precision Today, we have seen years’ worth of drain clogs and have acquired the tools needed to restore residential drains. If you notice that water is building up in your tub while showering, call our plumbers at (630) 523-8453 to schedule a rooter service. Leaving clogs untreated can cause cracks in your plumbing system that can lead to flooding. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us to handle your slow shower and tub drains.

A before and after photo of a clogged bathtub in the Greater Chicago Area that was restored by a plumber and rooter service equipment.
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