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What to Expect During Drain Cleaning Service

A plumber in a blue uniform and red gloves holding a wrench and standing near a sink in a residential bathroom in Chicago, IL.

If you’re a homeowner, you know that it takes several systems to keep your home functioning properly. One of the most important systems is your plumbing. When you’re having issues with your drains, it’s time to call your local plumbing experts in Chicago, IL—Precision Today. When you contact our team for drain cleaning services, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Don’t worry, though, because we’ll gladly walk you through the process so you know what to expect.

Prepare Your Home

The first thing you should do is make sure there is a clear path in your home from the front door to the access point. It is important for the visiting technician to be able to get to the bathroom, kitchen, or basement easily. The next thing to do is remove personal items around the access point, such as cleaning products or other items under your sink. Your plumber will need to have easy access to the source of the problem. If you have any sewage waste, please contact a remediation company to clear it out so your plumber can do his job and accurately diagnose and address the plumbing problem. When these steps have been completed, you are ready for the Precision Today technician to visit your home.

Be Ready for Questions

When your plumbing technician arrives, they will want to educate themselves about your home’s history and your plumbing system. They will have a list of questions prepared, including whether you’ve had plumbing problems before and the specifics of each situation. Be prepared to explain the issues you’re experiencing and the concerns you have. Any information you provide could be incredibly helpful to the technician in determining what needs to be done to resolve the problem. At Precision Today, our experts will come to your home prepared with all the tools needed to fix your plumbing issue and restore your system as quickly as possible. If you have questions, contact our team today!

A licensed plumber consults with a homeowner in her kitchen in Chicago, IL. They answer each other’s questions and set up a schedule for service.

Perform Diagnostic & Set an Agenda

Your technician will perform a diagnostic evaluation to determine the source of your plumbing problem. They will test your plumbing fixtures and closely inspect the location of the clog or backup. This important step allows us to determine what tools and equipment are best suited for the job. At this point, we will have a good idea of how long the service will take, so we will consult with you to set up a clear agenda so you understand the entire process, from the diagnostic inspection and drain cleaning service itself to the last step of the camera inspection.

Service Process

The average drain cleaning service typically takes 1-2 hours to be sufficiently completed. The process itself involves setting up with the proper equipment, running the drain cleaning machine, testing the fixtures, and then following up with a final camera drain inspection. The drain cleaning procedure should eliminate your clog, but we also test your fixtures to ensure water is once again flowing efficiently. The final step is to use our camera to insert into your drain to confirm that the problem has been resolved. If not, it will help us pinpoint the location of the clog or pipe damage so we can determine the next best step.

A plumber uses his tools to perform drain cleaning services to unclog a residential bathroom sink in Chicago, IL.

Preparing for a home visit is simple. Our experts at Precision Today will walk you through their process, answer your questions, set up a clear schedule, and do all the work to ensure your plumbing system is once again restored to proper function. We design our process this way so you don’t have to worry. Put your pipes in our capable hands and say goodbye to stress. When you’re ready to schedule a service with our professionals, call (630) 547-3625. We are always eager to assist our valued customers and lend our support.

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