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Why Your Chicagoland Home Needs An A/C Tune-Up

There are some things as a Chicagoland homeowner you have to do every year to keep your home in tip-top shape! You should place getting your A/C system tuned-up at the top of your to-do list. From increasing the life of your system to decreasing cooling costs, the benefits are endless. Below, our Precision Today team has listed four crucial reasons you should consider scheduling a tune-up and how it affects your home. 

Avoids Costly Repairs 

Your A/C system contains various parts and fluids that need to be regularly maintained. Part of Precision Today’s A/C tune-up involves cleaning coils, pressure and fluid checks, capacitor testing, and more! All of these components aid in the prevention of avoidable costly repairs or system failure. While our technicians are examining your system, any underlying issues will be brought to our experts’ attention and remedied during your annual tune-up

Prolongs Systems Lifespan

Much like a car, air conditioners require regular maintenance to properly function. When your A/C system is maintained, it performs more efficiently, just like your car would. This means it will experience less strain during the peak of summer when you need it to run at maximum performance. Not having your unit cleaned and checked out will decrease the overall efficiency of your system, causing it to overwork to cool down your home during the hot summer months. The average A/C system lasts 12-15 years depending on several different factors, but most importantly depends on if you’re completing annual tune-ups.

Lowers Energy Bills 

Some homeowners skip their annual A/C tune-up because they want to save money. However, skipping regular maintenance could end up costing you more in the long run due to system failures or breakdowns that could have been caught during an annual maintenance call. According to ENERGY STAR, the average utility bill for a single-family home is $2,200 a year. They estimate 13%, around $286, of that goes towards cooling costs, although that percentage can vary depending on a number of different factors. With a large chunk of your annual energy costs going towards cooling efforts, it’s important to make sure your A/C system is as energy-efficient as possible. Your annual tune-up improves the overall efficiency of your system and can lower your energy bills by up to 15%! 

Keeps Your Home Comfortable 

The most obvious reason your Chicagoland home needs an A/C tune-up is to keep your home comfortable during the summer. When your system isn’t operating efficiently, you may experience fluctuations in temperature or your home not cooling properly. It’s hard to stay comfortable when your living room feels like a sauna! Keeping up with regular maintenance allows you and your family to remain comfortable and relaxed while at home. 


Our Precision Today team will JUMP ON providing you with the tips to keep your home running smoothly every chance we get. You and your home are important to us and we want to keep you comfortable all year long. Experience the benefits of annual system maintenance by remembering to schedule your service this year! Give our experts a call at (630) 216-8110 for all your cooling needs. 

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