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Where Did This CLOG Come From?

A clog in your home can cause major issues for your home’s drain or sewer system. Areas of your home like your shower, sinks, and toilet are all places that can be affected when it comes to your plumbing. How do these clogs happen? Well, our Precision Today team is here to break down all of the reasons you may be experiencing these clogs in your home and just how to solve them.

Shower Backup

We know that standing in a pool of water while you’re in the shower is VERY frustrating. The most common causes of shower backup is hair, soap scum, hard water or even dead skin cells. If you think about it, you’re dumping these components down your shower drain multiple times per week, sometimes even daily. These things can stick to the inside of your pipes, creating blockages and inconvenient backups. Try using a hair catcher in your drain to reduce the amount of hair or other debris from going down your drains – it can only help!

Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

This may be the most common location for clogs in your home due to excess food, soap scum, grease, toothpaste, hair and other items that will go down your garbage disposal or sink. Instead of using harsh chemicals that RUIN your drains, try plunging it or using a drain snake to help unclog your sink. You can also help avoid this issue by running your garbage disposal regularly with water to avoid food build-up. A professional Drain Clearing or Sewer Inspection can help rectify the issue, locate the clog and bring the FLOW back into your home.


Another annoying, but very common clog location in your home is your toilet. If your toilet is blocked, slow to flush, or if you’re experiencing constant backups, this can potentially bring TONS of damage to your home. These blockages can be mainly caused by using too much toilet paper or by other items down your drain such as cat litter/feminine products. You can initially try to use a plunger to fix the clog, but there could be a more severe backup that you are unaware of lying beneath. A professional plumber will be able to diagnose the issue and provide you with solutions.

Have you been experiencing a clog in one or ALL of these areas of your home? Have you tried the DIY techniques and nothing seems to be solving your plumbing issues? Our Precision Today team will always Jump On It Today to make sure that your small problems don’t turn into big ones. Give us a call at (630) 523-8453 and we’ll ensure you and your home is always taken care of.

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