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When Should You Call an Oak Brook Plumber for Faucet Repair?

The noise of a leaking faucet may only be a minor inconvenience, but the leak itself can be a huge nightmare and you’ll need an Oak Brook plumber to help you fix it immediately. Some of the horrors brought on by leaky faucets are higher water bills, worsening water flow, and eventually an inability to use your faucet for anything. After all, since you rely on faucets many times a day for a wide variety of usages, it can really throw your daily life into chaos when they’re not working.

If you want to learn the common signs telling you it’s time for faucet repair, please call Precision Plumbing today and our plumbers will gladly help you! We’re always available to help you spot indicators of faucet problems like a pro. Plus, when you know how to spot them, you can call us for excellent furnace repair that will save you plenty of money in the long-run!

Common Signs You Need Faucet Repair

The faster you pick up on the signs it’s time for faucet repairs, the sooner you can call Precision. If you’re unsure if the time is right to make the call, please observe these common indicators:

  1. Corroded Valve Seat Issues: Your faucet valve seat serves as the connection between the spout and the faucet. The valve seat can actually become corroded to the point where it falls apart due to higher amounts of sediment in the water. If you notice your faucet’s performance declining, it’s time to call for repair.
  2. Murky or Discolored Water: There may come a point where the water may be a cloudy gray, orange, or a reddish brown. This is generally a sign of a pipe problem, and this water is ultimately hazardous to consume. Call up a professional to inspect your pipes and see how they can restore crystal clear water.
  3. Rusting or Corrosion: Over time, your faucet may begin to develop patches of rust on its exterior. It’s natural, but it’s also a sign that your furnace is getting older and perhaps less effective. Worse, rusting can also impact water quality and make it hazardous to consume, especially find its way into your water supply.
  4. Higher Costs on Water Bills: You’ll certainly get a rude awakening when you see the costs of your monthly bills, if you don’t get that faucet fixed. That perceivably tiny faucet leak could cost you some big bucks, and it may begin to be difficult trying to pay off bills. If water costs are proving too much for you to handle, please call Precision for faucet repair as soon as possible.

Contact Precision today if you need an Oak Brook plumber to perform faucet repair, especially if you notice any of these signs!


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