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Wheaton IL Plumbing Spotlight: Choosing a New Toilet

Is it time for a new toilet? There are many reasons why you might want to replace your existing toilet:

  • The old toilet is stained and nasty looking after years of use
  • The old toilet is of a style or color that doesn’t match your decorating plans
  • The old toilet uses a lot of water per flush, costing you to spend more than you have to on your monthly water bill
  • Family members are getting older or have mobility issues, making it difficult for them to use the existing toilet
  • The toilet leaks, sweats, runs continually, or requires regular ‘homeowner repair’ – a la jiggling the handle or pulling the top off the tank to see exactly what’s going wrong this time

The other reason that you might find yourself shopping for a new toilet is that you need a toilet for new construction – either a home remodel or home addition.

Wheaton IL New Toilet Installation

When it’s time for a new toilet, you’ll find that you have a wide range of choices available to you. No longer are you limited to choosing between a white toilet with a round bowl or a white toilet with an oblong bowl. Your Wheaton IL plumber can help you select a new toilet that best meets your family’s needs.

High-efficiency or low-flush toilets are one option of interest to many local homeowners. These toilets use less water per flush, yet accomplish the same job as traditional, older toilets. This saves you money on your water bill, and helps save the environment.

Comfort height toilets are a great option for families who have older family members or members with physical challenges. These toilets are a few inches higher than traditional toilets, making it easier for people to get on and off of the toilet independently.


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