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Western Springs: Great Kitchen Design

What makes a great kitchen? For many people, clean lines, bold color and an organized look, free from clutter and chaos, all go into making a great kitchen. These three characteristics are often considered elements of modern design.

Simplicity makes our lives easier. At the same time, every aspect of our lives, including kitchen appliances, is going high tech. Our coffeemakers are no longer the humble pot of Joe we may have grown up with. Today, we’re faced with programmable beverage stations capable of dispensing everything from foamy lattes to chai gingerbread coffee!

Western Springs Kitchen Plumbing

If you’re upgrading or remodeling your kitchen, selecting the best plumbing fixtures is an essential step. The first area many people consider is the kitchen sink and faucet. Trends in faucet design right now tend toward the square and angular: clean lines combined with functionality. Faucets that feature a 90 degree angle rather than a graceful arc work well with many contemporary design elements, such as horizontal shelving and open faced cabinetry.

Your Western Springs plumber can replace your existing faucet with a new faucet. Talk with your plumber about other upgrades you’re planning: newer dishwashers and refrigerators are more energy efficient than ever before. Popular finishes for plumbing fixtures include chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickle. Using these same finishes for your appliances can result in a clean, seamless, inviting, welcoming look that many Western Springs homeowners value in their kitchens.

The best kitchen design makes it easier for your family to use and enjoy your kitchen. Installing a second sink, sometimes known as a prep sink, makes it possible for family members to work together preparing the evening meal. These moments often hold more than the promise of a tasty dinner: this is when conversations happen, when events of the day are shared, when families grow stronger by virtue of time spent together.


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