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The Laundry Room Low Down: What Your Oakbrook Plumber Knows

In a world where someone keeps track of everything, it turns out that the average American family does close to 300 loads of laundry a year. That’s a lot of clothes, towels and bedding – and a lot of wear and tear on your washer, dryer, and laundry room plumbing. We are doing laundry on a weekly, sometimes daily basis – and there’s no time for the washer to break down!

What’s a homeowner to do when the washer starts rattling in place, water sprays at the ceiling, puddles form on the floor, or refuses to drain? Here’s what your Oakbrook plumber can tell you about these common laundry room problems.Washer Rocks, Rattles, and Shakes

This may not be a plumbing problem! Check the way the clothes are distributed in the washer: if the load is significantly uneven, your washer will be thrown off balance and rattling is the result. Another problem may be that your washer is not level.

Water is Spraying on the Laundry Room Ceiling

Your supply line is likely the culprit. Have your plumber check for loose connections or splits, holes, or other compromises in the supply line. Repairing the issue may involve tightening the connections and replacing damaged pipe. The problem could be your cold water supply line or your warm water supply line or both.

Puddles Form on Laundry Room Floor

When problems form on the laundry room floor, a leak may be the problem. The leak could be in the washer’s supply lines or from or around the tub. Your Oakbrook plumber can repair leaking supply lines for you, but a compromised wash tub often means you’re going to be shopping for a new washer. New energy efficient washers will help you save energy and water.

Washer Doesn’t Drain — Or Drains VERY Slowly

A washer that doesn’t drain, or drains very slowly, likely has a clogged drain. Laundry soap, hair, grease, lint, dirt, and other goodies from the wash accumulate in the drain underneath the washer. Clearing this clogged drain is a job best left to your plumber — it’s a dirty, difficult job.


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