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LaGrange: Spring is Coming! Is Your Sump Pump Ready?

The snow outside might make it hard to believe, but there’s no denying it: spring is right around the corner. With spring comes the reality that all of this snow we’ve received is going to melt, creating lots of water that has to go somewhere. Add in some spring rains and seasonal flooding, and you can have a real mess on your hands. In just a few weeks, there’s going to be lots of water in LaGrange. Is your sump pump ready?

What Your Sump Pump Does

Your sump pump is literally the first line of defense your home has against a catastrophic flood event. Located in the lowest point of your home’s basement, a sump pump’s sole purpose in life is to move water from inside your home outside of your home. Pumps are operated via a float: when water accumulates to such a point that the float rises, the pump turns on, eliminating the water from your house.

Sump pumps are generally located inside a hole or pit. One way to determine if your sump pump is working properly is to pour a pitcher or two of water into the pit. Does the pump kick on? If your sump pump isn’t working properly, call your LaGrange plumber.

LaGrange Sump Pump Installation

There are two types of sump pumps. Submersible sump pumps, which operate underneath the surface of the water, have an expected lifespan of approximately ten years. Pedestal sump pumps last longer; often operating for a quarter of a century or more. Expected useful life of a sump pump can be affected by how often the pump is used. Heavier usage leads to shorter expected lifespans. Sump pump replacement is indicated when the pump takes longer and longer to remove accumulated water from your home, or when the pump fails to operate. Your LaGrange plumber can remove your old sump pump, install the new sump pump, and make sure your family is ready for spring!


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