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LaGrange Park Water Heater Replacement: What You Need To Know

Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater

There are many reasons to replace your water heater. The main reason people replace their water heater is when their old water heater stops working. However, many people choose to replace a water heater before it breaks. The useful life of a water heater varies by manufacturer and model, but as a general rule of thumb, if your water heater is more than fifteen years old, a new water heater is a good idea.New water heaters are more energy efficient, saving you money. There are often tax and utility incentives available for homeowners who install a new water heater. You can have your LaGrange Park plumber install a conventional water heater, which has a tank, or a tankless water heater.Is Replacing Your Water Heater a Do It Yourself Job?

Many homeowners like to do as much work on their home as possible. This saves them time and money. Deciding if replacing your water heater is a do it yourself job means making a realistic assessment of your do it yourself skills. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you handy? Would you rate yourself as a novice, average, or skilled do it yourself?
Are you familiar with your home’s plumbing? Have you worked on plumbing before?
Do you have the tools you need and the ability to remove the old water heater tank, dispose of it, and bring in and install the new water heater? Water heaters can be heavy: do you have help available as needed to help you move the tank?

LeGrange Park homeowners who have strong do it yourself skills, above average familiarity with their home’s plumbing system, the appropriate tools and assistance may want to consider do it yourself water heater replacement. Other homeowners – and those who do have the skills but don’t have the time – will want to call their LaGrange Park plumber. It’s essential your new water heater be installed properly! Improper installation will generally void any warranties the water heater may have and can prevent your water heater from working properly.


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