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How Your Elmhurst Plumber Can Help You Meet New Energy Efficiency Standards

Elmhurst homeowners know that taking care of our homes means being good stewards of the planet. Going green has an added benefit: working with your plumber, you can save the Earth and save money!

Water Efficiency and Sustainability

In front of Congress right now is a bill proposing rebates on low-flush toilets. Many homeowners are surprised to discover that the toilet is the single largest water user in your home. On average, an older toilet uses 3.5 gallons per flush. That’s nearly 27% of your home’s total water use!

Imagine the impact this has on your monthly water bill!

LEED 2009 Water Use Reduction requirements — the guidelines local authorities look to when they’re drafting local regulations — are geared to encourage a 20% reduction in water use. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to have your Elmhurst plumber replace your current toilet with a more efficient 1.28 gallons per flush toilet.

These low-flush toilets:

  • Stylish: Can work in any home, with any decor, from traditional style to cutting edge design
  • Work Great: Everything you expect from your toilet — flushes everything away effortlessly every time
  • Save Money: Reducing water use saves you money on your water bill – starting from DAY ONE!

There are options in the world of low-flush toilets: there are toilets that use air pressure to flush using less water, dual flush toilets that offer homeowners the ultimate in conservation control, floor mount toilets and wall mount models.


Your Elmhurst Plumber can make changing to a low-flush toilet — saving you money and helping conserve water– quick and easy. There are numerous other ways that your plumber can help you save water. Installing more efficient plumbing fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors can reduce water use significantly. Make sure to talk to your plumber about laundry issues as well: your home washer is responsible for over one-fifth of the water you use! Finally, leaky pipes can be contributing up to 14% of your water bill — get them checked out and start saving money today!


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