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Holiday Season Plumbing Problems

At this point in the holiday season, things are starting to wind down. The presents have been unwrapped, gushed over, and taken home (or back to the store, but that’s another story, for another time!) Christmas dinner has been devoured. There’s not even a crumb of fruitcake left (blame the dog!) All of your house guests have gone home. The office is open again, and it’s time to get back to work. Life is getting back to normal (New Year’s Eve celebrations notwithstanding!)There’s only one problem. The kitchen sink’s not draining right. Water goes down the drain…eventually. But it smells bad now. There’s a foul, funky odor that turns your stomach. Pouring bleach, hot water, and dish soap down there has done nothing to alleviate the smell. Spraying the sink with Febreeze only helps for a little while.

And when you flush the toilet, it makes a strange noise. It sounds like trapped bubbles, forcing their way to freedom through the bathtub drain. The bathroom sink pipes rattle like a pipe organ getting warmed up. Things aren’t smelling too great in there, either.

What is going on?

West Chicago Clogged Drains

The holiday season brings us a lot of joy, but it can also cause chaos in the plumbing arena. One of the biggest problems is clogged drains, particularly clogged kitchen drains.

It starts at the kitchen table. A lot of work goes into planning, preparing, and serving the holiday feast. Even more work is involved in cleaning up afterward. Clearing the table is only the beginning. Plates are scraped into the sink, sending bones, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and more down the drain. Then there’s the pots and pans used to prepare the meal. They all need to be cleaned. That means even more food, grease, and burned on scraps headed down the drain.

Even the most robust garbage disposal can’t keep up! These materials accumulate and form a solid clog that water can not pass. Then you get the stink, the smell, and the slow draining sink.

If this is happening to you, call your West Chicago plumber. Drain cleaning will eliminate your problems in no time flat, and it’s not a particularly expensive repair. The bad smell will be eliminated, and your sinks will work properly!

And next year, have the holiday feast at someone else’s house!


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