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Hinsdale, IL Drain Cleaning: 3 Benefits of Water Jetting

Water jetting, or sometimes called hydrojetting, is used to clean out sewer lines. There are many types of debris that can clog up sewers or it can be stuff you flushed and didn’t realize it. Grease and other materials often clog up pipes as well. One way to clear pipes and sewer lines is to use high pressure water. In addition to Hinsdale, IL drain cleaning, Precision Plumbing specializes in using water jetting along with video camera technology to find and fix problems. Many people are not aware of this service. It is in fact a reliable way to restore a sewer line’s flow capacity and prevent water from backing up drains.

Benefits of Water Jetting

Here are three benefits of water jetting in detail.

  1. Longer-Lasting Pipes: Only water is forced through the pipe system. Clogs are removed without introducing potentially corrosive chemicals, which can erode away the linings and pipe walls. If that’s the case then the pipes will have a shorter life span and will have to be replaced much sooner. Water jetting is a relatively simple method. It works well with pipes and avoids unnecessary and costly damage.
  2. No More Clogs: There are various other methods to clean pipes, but most of them don’t guarantee all of the blockage is removed. Any amount of buildup left over can allow more particles to accrue. With water jetting, the entire clog is removed. The likelihood of recurring problems is much reduced so you probably won’t see another clog for the foreseeable future.
  3. Better for the Environment: The use of pure water means there are no chemicals that can leach into the environment and cause damage to plants and animals. Water jetting is a good way to help preserve any natural areas around your home.

Hinsdale, IL drain cleaning should incorporate water jetting to clean pipe and sewer lines. In addition to being effective, pipe-friendly, and good for the environment, the process is fast. It’s a simple process and, when done by trained experts, is sure to take a lot of anxiety away about poor drainage and sewer back ups.

Don’t settle for an outdated means to clean your pipes. Here is something that will do the job on the first try. If you suspect a pipe or sewer clog, contact Precision Plumbing right away for a professional diagnosis and solution. The professionals will take care of the problem and restore your normal drainage.


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