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Glen Ellyn: Spring Kitchen Design Trends Report

Kitchens are the heart of the home, so it’s essential that your kitchen works well for your family. This spring’s leading kitchen design trends are all about functionality. Here are some of the leading kitchen trends for Spring 2011:

Islands!The biggest trend in kitchen design right now is the island. We love wide open kitchens, open and airy – but we still need to be able to prepare food, wash dishes, and even cook. Islands are the answer. Particularly popular are islands with sinks, refrigerators, and even dishwashers. Your Glen Ellyn plumber can install sinks or other appliances in your new or existing island.

Engineered Stone

Granite countertops have had their moment in the sun. Once an exclusive, high end upgrade, granite is everywhere now – including public restrooms! Engineered stone countertops are more affordable, available in a wide range of colors, and are extremely durable. Quartz is the current favorite finish.

Functional Faucets

The best faucet is a faucet that works for your family. Cook a lot of pasta, stews, soups, or corn on the cob? Pot filler faucets might be the choice for you. Angular faucets, featuring squared, modern lines, are edging out the graceful curved faucets of yesteryear. Instant hot water faucets remain an extremely popular feature, as they offer the ultimate in convenience. Tea, hot chocolate or teen favorite ramen noodles can be prepared with the flick of a faucet. Your Glen Ellyn plumber is your resource for new faucet installation.

Color, Color, Color!

It’s been a long, tough winter for many of us. Lift your spirits and add cheer to your kitchen by adding bright, vivid color. Towels, linens, potholders, tablecloths, and dishes are all opportunities to add color to your kitchen. The trend in kitchen sinks finish remains strongly skewed toward stainless steel, although enameled sinks have their fans.


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