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Glen Ellyn Drain Cleaning: 4 Signs You Need Rooter Service

If you have a home built before the 1980s, then it’s time to consider Glen Ellyn drain cleaning, although possibly not for the reasons you suspect. Many older homes in the Glen Ellyn area are more susceptible to experience tree root intrusion in their sewer drains. While this is still a common problem, many modern homeowners are unaware and tree roots can block their drains without even realizing it. It’s definitely a scary thought, but you can take action.

If you sense you’re experiencing tree root troubles, Precision is here to offer Glen Ellyn drain cleaning that will blast tree roots away. We can apply various rooting solutions to your drains including water jetting and power rodding. Our team of professionals are drain cleaning experts, and they can get rid of roots quickly so you’re not wasting another moment without working plumbing fixtures.

When Do You Need Glen Ellyn Drain Cleaning?

The sooner you know the signs of tree root growth, the faster you can identify problems in the future and call for professional assistance. If you want to know how to avoid the trouble of tree roots altogether, here are 4 signs telling you the time is right to pick up the phone:

  1. Inconsistent Water Levels: Are you noticing your plumbing fixtures are suffering from inconsistent water levels? Tree roots can often prevent fixtures such as toilets and faucets from providing you with ample amount of water you need to rely on. This can be especially damaging to a toilet in which a certain level of water is needed for an effective flush.
  2. Unusual Noises: Your drains may gurgle every now and then when it’s struggling to break down any blockage within the pipes. However, if you can hear a louder gurgling noise, then it is possible tree roots are starting to block pipes and negatively impact the overall performance of your plumbing.
  3. Slow Plumbing Fixtures: Is your toilet taking a long time to flush? Is your faucet not giving you a sufficient amount of water? Then it is possible tree roots are preventing you from getting a more satisfactory performance out of your plumbing fixtures.
  4. Puddling in Your Front Lawn: Tree root growth can cause pipe backup and allow water to seep out of a clogged sewer pipe. This can create a huge mess in your home that you certainly don’t want to deal with. If you notice puddling in and out of your home, it’s time to get the full story on what’s turning your home into a watery, slippery mess from the professionals at Precision.

Contact Precision at (630) 523-8453 if you notice these signs and receive Glen Ellyn drain cleaning as part of our rooter service.


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