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Evanston Drain Cleaning: How Can You Save Yourself from Clogs?

We can’t stress enough on the importance of Evanston drain cleaning, especially when you’re experiencing a particularly tough clog. That buildup of grease, hair, or soap can really do a number on your home’s plumbing system and without regular drain cleaning service, you may see your most important plumbing fixtures stop working and overflow! However, why settle for a life of repeated calling and spending money on drain cleaning when you can avoid clogs altogether? All it takes is best of effort on your end to keep drains free from the threat of buildup!

At Precision, we’re always brainstorming different strategies on how to approach Evanston drain cleaning, and love educating homeowners on how they can better their home’s plumbing system. Our plumbers’ years of experience certainly add a layer of knowledge you can find anywhere else in the Evanston area, which lends itself greatly to educating customers on how to avoid clogs. When receive service from us, you can also expect to learn a thing or two about your own drains!

Home Remedies to Avoid Clogs

When clogs are at their worst, it can cost plenty of money and totally drain you of your finances. Not to mention, it can impact your entire plumbing system in ways you didn’t even think were imaginable. But sometimes the best methods for avoiding clogs are simple, so here are a few things any homeowner can do to ensure clogs don’t become common:

  • Run Hot Water Down the Sink: After using the sink every time, you can simply run hot water down the drain to avoid clogs. Hot water prevents food oils from running down the rain, which would otherwise harden inside pipes and become incredibly tough to remove. Also boil water every now and then before slowly pouring it down the drain to eliminate any potential sources of clogs.
  • Throw Grease and Coffee Grounds Away: All too often, homeowners will carelessly throw cooking grease and coffee grounds down the drain, which does nothing but raise the chances of clogging dramatically! Instead, store cooking grease in a plastic bag before discarding it in the garbage and also be sure to throw out any coffee grounds!
  • Invest in a Drain-Gate: A drain-gate can be purchased at your nearest plumbing supply store for a cheap price. Drain-gates will effectively minimize the chances of hair and soap from entering and clogging your drains. They also filter out any food particles from enter drains, which often serve as sources of blockage.

Contact Precision at (630) 523-8453 for more tips on Evanston drain cleaning and of course, call us when you need assistance!


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