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Elmhurst Plumbing Trends: Comfort Height Toilets

The American family is changing. We’re living longer than ever before. Our lives are healthier than at any other time in history. This means that our older family members are enjoying unprecedented levels of independence, staying in their homes longer and longer.

Part of why this is possible is the trend toward universal design. Universal design means installing plumbing fixtures, furniture, doors, and more in a way that they can easily be used by anyone. A home should be comfortable and easy to live in, even if you have mobility issues, aren’t as flexible as you once were, or have a tough time moving around.Making these changes is one of the biggest plumbing trends in the Elmhurst area. Bathroom remodels to accommodate family members’ needs include installing walk in showers, replacing faucets and replacing older toilets with comfort height toilets.

What Is A Comfort Height Toilet?

A comfort height toilet is two to three inches taller than a traditional toilet. This makes it easier for people with limited mobility – whether that’s due to age, health concern, or pregnancy – to use the toilet. Comfort height toilets are designed to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act standards, making them ideal for installation in a business setting.

Often, comfort height toilets feature elongated bowls, rather than the traditional round bowl. This can make your toilet easier to use, but you’ll want to check with your Elmhurst plumber to make sure you have enough room in your bathroom for the change. Elongated bowl toilets have a bigger ‘footprint’ — ie they take up more floor space — than round bowl toilets. If space is tight, you may want to opt for a round bowl comfort height toilet.

Comfort height toilets are available in both traditional and low-flush models. Low flush comfort height toilets can save you money on your water bill as well as helping the environment out!


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