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Drain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

We know that drain clogs can cause quite a headache, which causes you to want to fix the issue ASAP! However, drains require proper handling during cleaning. A simple slip-up might worsen the clogs and even cause unintentional damage to your pipes. Continue reading to see which drain cleaning mistakes you should avoid!

Using Chemical Cleaners

Leave the DRANO on the shelf! Chemical drain cleaners may offer a quick fix to your drain woes, but don’t get fooled. They don’t live up to their promises and may only deteriorate your pipes. When dealing with recurring clogs, leave it to the experts at Precision Today to unclog your drains.

Improper Use of Plungers

Did you know that plungers come in two types—sink and toilet plungers? Most people don’t, which leads to the improper use of the correct plunger. A sink plunger has a flat surface, while a toilet plunger has a bell-shaped bottom. While plungers may seem simple to use, how you use them makes all the difference. When using a plunger, push it slowly. Rapid suctions might only push the clog further down your drain.

DIY Drain Snaking

Drain snaking is one of the ideal ways to unclog a drain. However, it’s not ideal for DIY as it takes proper skills and knowledge to do it right. Pushing the plumbing snake forcefully through cornered pipes might cause them to rupture, or if you’re using a plastic snake it can break off in your pipe adding to your clog.

Drain clogs can be frustrating but trying to DIY your clog can take a turn for the worse quickly, leaving you with a costly repair. If you notice your drain is starting to clog, don’t wait! Our team of experts at Precision Today are ready to JUMP ON your drains issues TODAY! Call Precision Today at (630) 283-7328 to schedule your service.


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