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Carol Stream Drain Cleaning: How Can You Combat Toilet Clogs?

Toilet clogs can be a real buzzkill. When you’re relying on your toilet multiple times a day, it can make life in your home a living nightmare when it stops working. Toilet clogs can be incredibly unsanitary if you allow them to go untreated long enough, possibly even to the point where you can’t live in your home until it gets fixed. In fact, toilet clogs can hinder the performance of your entire plumbing system, which makes it even more important to seek Carol Stream drain cleaning sooner than later.However, Precision is here to remind you that you can also take part in combatting toilet clogs! Our team of plumbers offers the best drain cleaning service in the Carol Stream area, and they are thrilled to always educate customers on how they can better their home’s plumbing system. As we head into the coldest months of the year, it’s more important than ever to learn how to stop clogs in your drains before they worsen. There’s nothing worse than having a faulty toilet as the temperatures drop below freezing!

Stop Toilet Clogs with These Tips!

Don’t just allow clogs to run amock on your home’s plumbing. Take action instead! Here are some toilet clog tips recommended by our team of plumbers:

  • Use a Plunger: Plumbing is the simplest method to getting rid of toilet clogs. Plunger are a simple yet effective tool in eliminating clogs as soon as possible, and your home wouldn’t be complete without it. Make sure the plunger is placed at an angle where the boot of the plunger can be filled with water and isn’t trapping air. This will ensure the plunger will be able to attempt to remove clogs with the fullest force.
  • Pour Hot Water: Boiling hot water can remove clogs from sink and shower drains, and the same can be applied to your toilet. Hot water can break down waste and loosen clogs. Pour only a few cups of hot water down your toilet drains, wait a few minutes, and then flush. However, don’t pour too much hot water down your toilet drains as it may cause colder, more brittle toilet bowls to crack.
  • Consider a Toilet Auger: A toilet auger roughly serves the same purpose as a drain snake but is specifically designed to fit with the sharp turns of a toilet trap. When an auger is dropped down the toilet, you can turn the handle of the tool clockwise to remove the clog. The auger is perfect when an actual object is proving to be cause of the clog because it can easily snag the physical obstruction.

Contact Precision today if you want to learn more on Carol Stream drain cleaning and get those clogs fixed!


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