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Ask Our Elgin Plumber: How Can You Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter?

You know what can be really inconvenient during the winter? Shoveling snow in the morning just so you can drive to work. But do you know what is even worse this winter? Frozen pipes in your home. The water in your pipes can expand upon freezing, which can put a tremendous amount of pressure on metallic or plastic pipes, eventually causing them to burst. This can create a huge mess in your home requiring extensive pipe repair and replacement from an Elgin plumber. You may even have to seek temporary residence elsewhere as it gets fixed!

The team at Precision is here to teach you how to avoid the threat of frozen pipes so you’re not spending the season in a constant state of disrepair. Even if a frozen pipe does occur in your home, you can count on us to fix it. Our Elgin plumber can repair your frozen pipes in no time so you’re worrying less about plumbing problems and spending more time enjoying the season. We even offer emergency service for those last-minute situations!

What Does Our Elgin Plumber Recommend?

Can you imagine having to deal with it in the midst of a snow storm? That’s lousy, so here’s what we recommend you do to make frozen pipes nothing but a distant memory:

  • Drain Pool and Sprinkler Water: Before you drain, follow the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure draining is conducted correctly. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of applying antifreeze to these lines, which is not only environmentally harmful, but also harmful to humans, pets, and landscaping.
  • Close Doors and Windows: Make sure any doors and windows located near piping in any of these areas remain closed for the season to keep the cold air out. Also check non-heated areas of your home with piping including attics, garages,
  • Apply Heat Tape to Air Leaks: Even if doors and windows are closed, there is still the possibility of air leaks in your home, so it’s best to consider using heating specific products like heat tape. Apply the tape to any air leaks you come across in your home. Be sure to check attics and basements as these are the most likely areas of your home with air leaks.
  • Remove and Drain Outdoor Hoses: Removing and draining outdoor hoses is highly important if you don’t want to spend the spring thawing them out. Close indoor valves supplying hose bibs and then drain the bibs of any water. However, keep outdoor valves open so the remaining water can expand without causing the pipe to break.

Contact Precision today at (630) 280-3221 to learn more tips from our Eglin plumber on how you can avoid frozen pipes!


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