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Ask a Wheaton Plumber: What Shouldn’t You Throw Down a Garbage Disposal?

At Precision, we have a Wheaton plumber at hand to offer garbage disposal service but while your garbage disposal can be easily fixed by a professional, you need to take the right steps in avoiding problems in the first place. While your garbage disposal can grind up discarded food items so they can easily pass through the drains, homeowners across Wheaton try throw items down it that simply shouldn’t be there. Not only does this leave your garbage disposal busted, but it also may have a negative impact on your entire plumbing system.
But have no fear, because the Wheaton plumber at Precision is here to give you advice on how to avoid garbage disposal disaster. We want all of our customers to experience more effective plumbing than ever before, and part of that is knowing how to treat your garbage disposal correctly. Consider your garbage disposal to be one of the most useful aspects of your home’s plumbing, so take the advice of our pros to learn how to treat it well!

What Does Our Wheaton Plumber Recommend?

Not sure what shouldn’t go down your garbage disposal? Then allow our Wheaton plumber to help you. Here’s just a few things you absolutely should not shove down the garbage disposal:

  • Cooking Grease: Cooking grease will actually cause discarded items to pass through drains much slower, resulting in a hefty buildup of all sorts of junk. This can be incredibly difficult to remove from your drains once the grease hardens. Instead, store grease in a non-recyclable container, such as a milk carton, and throw away it in a trash bag.
  • Non-Food Items: It may seem a bit absurd to even consider non-food items as a potential garbage disposal stopper, but that’s never stopped things like eating utensils and children’s toys from winding up stuck in the drain. Non-food items are usually too difficult for a garbage disposal from grinding up. Even smaller physical objects are an absolute no-no when it comes to garbage disposals.
  • Whole Produce: Again, while it may seem obvious, Precision can’t tell you how many times our Wheaton plumber has dealt with garbage disposal issues that started simply because a person attempted to shove whole produce down the drain. If you’re looking discard a whole fruit or vegetable, throw it in the trash.

Contact Precision today if you want learn more from our Wheaton plumber on how to keep your garbage disposal working to the best of its abilities.


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