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Ask a Bensenville Plumber: How Can You Prepare Your Pipes for the Winter?

More so than burnt holiday dinner or coal in your stocking, nothing can sink your enjoyment this coming holiday season faster than burst or frozen pipes. As the temperatures continue to sink and snowfall looming on the horizon, you’ll face a higher chance of experiencing frozen pipes than you may think. Frozen pipes can be a major disaster that may even see you have to seek temporary residence somewhere else as repairs are made. Though Precision has a Bensenville plumber ready at any time this season to give provide you with durable frozen pipe repair, it’s best to take steps to avoid the mess altogether.

If you want to take the right path in avoiding disaster with your pipes this winter, then a Bensenville plumber can step right up and provide advice. It’s ideal to take care of your pipes before the first snowfall of the season gets underway so you’re not having to spend an entire winter in a state of panic and worry. That’s where Precision comes in! Our main goal is to ensure your home’s piping is safe and durable!

Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

At Precision, we hate to see our customers without a working set of pipes that will last them throughout the entire winter. If you’re a homeowner in the Bensenville area, you’ll want to take note of the following maintenance tips to avoid a plumbing nightmare this winter:

  1. Insulate Exposed Pipes: Are you noticing certain pipes in your home without insulation? Then these pipes are the most vulnerable in experiencing freezing. You can insulate exposed pipes with heat tape or a pipe sleeve. Heat tape is particularly durable and can keep pipes away from the threat of freezing up.
  2. Use a Heater: That furnace or boiler in your basement can actually prove to be quite helpful in frozen pipe prevention. While relying on your heating systems isn’t the most energy efficient practice, it will lower your chances of your pipes from freezing due to more even temperature control.
  3. Apply Slower Thawing Methods: If you suspect your pipes may soon be overcome with frost, then all hope is not lost. You can wrap your pipe with a heating pad or apply a hair dryer to thaw out any potentially soon-to-be frozen pipes. Don’t use anything with an open flame.
  4. Disconnect Outdoor Hose: It’s important to disconnect your outdoor hose and drain it, as this will most likely be the first thing to experience freezing. Also be sure to close the cutoff valve inside of your home and open the outdoor faucet to drain any water that is left.

Contact Precision today for a Bensenville plumber who can take care of your frozen pipes and of course, follow these tips before winter begins!


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