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7 Tips to Avoid Drain Clogs From Your Plumber in Lisle, IL

It’s a dirty job, but as a homeowner, you’ll at one point or another need to face a drain clog. Drain clogs are nothing to mess around with. Ignoring them would be exposing you and your family to possible serious health risks. Not to mention the damage it could end up doing to your drain system and your house itself. But wait! A better solution to this problem would be to be proactive and perform maintenance tasks beforehand that will avoid drain clogs in the first place. But how does one do that??

7 Tips to Avoid Drain Clogs Courtesy of Your Plumbers in Lisle

The best advise our Precision plumbers in Lisle can give you to avoid drain clogs is to simply be careful and considerate of what you throw down there. It sounds obvious and easy, but here are a few more detailed tips on how you can avoid clogging your drain:

  1. Don’t let cooking grease or oil, coffee grounds, hair, and soap scum from slipping down your drain.
  2. Make sure to run hot water down the drain every time you use the sink to prevent build-up on the inside of your pipes.
  3. Toss baking soda down there with some hot water in tow. This will help clean your drains and get rid of any bad odors.
  4. Pour a cup of vinegar down the tube and wait a half hour. Then pour down some hot water. This should remove any organic buildup in the pipes.
  5. Use a drain strainer to keep food scraps out of the drain pipes.
  6. Don’t use drain chemicals you buy at the store as most will cause further damage to your pipe and sewer lines.
  7. If you have a garbage disposal, freeze a tray full of ice cubes of half water, half vinegar and dump them down the drain. The chopping action will help the ice physically chip off debris and the vinegar acts as a mild acid to clean grease build-up.

At Precision Plumbing, our fully-licensed and insured plumbers in Lisle are ready to provide you with all the plumbing services you need, especially when it comes to drain clogs. So if you do end up developing clogs in your drains we’re ready 24/7 for any of your emergency needs. Our competitive pricing and advanced equipment enable us to efficiently destroy any clogs, leaving your home in much better shape than before so you can enjoy true peace of mind.

Call our Precision plumbers in Lisle to solve any of your plumbing and drain clog issues at (630) 523-8453 !


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