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6 Money-Saving Tips from Our Plumbing Contractor

A plumbing contractor is the right person to contact this season if you are looking for ways to save money on water bills. When you already putting so much focus on staying warm at this time of year, the last thing you want to experience is plumbing troubles, especially with your water usage. Unfortunately, for many homeowners out there, staying away from high costs on water bills proves to be a challenge. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water per day. The average homeowner also spends $500 on water annually. Any inefficiency within your plumbing system may result in you spending even more money. All too often, higher costs on water bills are often due to unwise decisions on the homeowner’s part regarding their plumbing system’s efficiency. If anything, calling up a plumbing contractor when high plumbing costs are proving too much to handle will give you more knowledge on how to avoid a situation like this. With the risk of using too much water already high enough at this time of year, learning a few tips from a licensed professional will ensure you enjoy a more cost-efficient, stress-free life.

Why You Should Call Precision Now

If you want to know how you can avoid the sting of high costs on water bills, please call Precision today. You deserve high-quality plumbing, and our team of contractors will make a point to ensure you are not wasting a dollar more than necessary. We will be willing to provide any repairs, installation, and replacement necessary to ensure you enjoy long-term savings. In addition, if you have any questions, we will be able to provide you with deeper knowledge on your plumbing system so you know what mistakes to avoid in the future. You will enjoy greater savings on plumbing repair bills, especially if you speak with us about upgrading any of your plumbing fixtures. In fact, if you invest in our water-efficient fixtures, you will save 30% more on bills compared to those who allow older fixtures continue to leak and cost them money. Simply put, we want to make your life easier. Once you make us your first choice for service, we can guarantee stress-free plumbing.

6 Tips from Our Plumbing Contractor

Saving money on water bills can be difficult. Running water is a necessity in any home, of course. But saving more money is not an impossibility. In fact, it may be as easy as following these 6 tips:

  1. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures: Your bathroom fixtures may turn out to be the biggest water wasters in your home, especially if they are older and faultier. A toilet alone can use up to 30 percent of your water. If toilets, sinks, and showers are proving too costly on bills, you should consider upgrading to new, more-efficient fixtures. You will save both money on water and annual operation costs.
  2. Upgrade Washing Machines: Are you looking for a more efficient way to wash a load of laundry? Then you should consider upgrading washing machines. It can save you 50% more water compared to your current model, and ensure clean clothes all the same.
  3. Upgrade Dishwashers: Washing dishes can also be made more efficient by upgrading in dishwashers. Some homeowners think washing by hand will save so much money when, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. Upgrading a dishwasher will save you 30% more water than with either conventional methods. Even better, it ends up being about 80% more efficient than washing dishes by hand.
  4. Be Careful with Watering the Lawn: If you are the type of homeowner who takes passion in taking care of the lawn, it may discomfort you to know that watering it may cost you more money. In fact, your lawn amounts to 55% of your water usage. Fortunately, there are ways to lower that amount, including a more efficient drip system that only water the base of a plant. If you want save water on your sprinkler system, you should invest in low-maintenance landscaping to significantly cut away your water usage.
  5. Consider Storm Water Reuse: Even if the fall and winter see stormier weather, it can still provide an opportunity to remain water efficient. You can reuse water from your next storm by collecting it using a rooftop drum that can collect and distribute water for landscape irrigation, helping both your savings and your front lawn.
  6. Improved Water Meters: Modern water meters have made incredible strides in becoming more efficient than ever. They now can detect leaks in your home and give you detailed information on your water usage, which will let you know if you need to reduce your own water usage. You are certainly free to ask one of our plumbing contractors if upgrading your meter will be the best idea.

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