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5 Signs You Need Water Softening in Carol Stream

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night and fixed yourself a glass of refreshing water? Well, if so, odds are you probably know the importance of having clean, clear water in your water supply to provide you with relief. However, your water supply may be in jeopardy if hard water begins to seep in. Hard water is the product of water percolated through limescale deposits and contains higher amounts of calcium and magnesium. Consuming or exposure to hard water can lead to skin irritation, spotty dishware, and laundry that’s rough in texture.Luckily, Precision can provide you with water softening in Carol Stream to ensure you’re not stuck with hard water ever again. Our water softening technology can operate on the ion exchange and focuses on the water passing through a media bed containing a small plastic resin beads that are supersaturated with sodium. Our water softening prevents calcium and magnesium from entering the media bed, and keeps sodium away from the resin beads. Overall, our services can help you establish a happier, healthier home for the whole family!

Water Softening in Carol Stream: 5 Signs

Though hard water does contain essential minerals, it’s better to avoid it altogether and call our services for water softening. But when exactly should you pick up the phone and call us? Take a look at these 5 warning signs:

  1. Harsh Texture to Clothing: The minerals in hard water won’t be particularly kind to your clothes when you do laundry. Calcium and magnesium can mix with the dirt from your clothes to form insoluble salts. This can rough up your clothes and make you spend more money on replacing your wardrobe sooner.
  2. Less Efficient Water Heaters: Hard water can actually hinder the performance of your water heater, making it less efficient in delivering a sufficient amount of hot water. This can be far more costly as you’ll need to spend money on replacing your water heater. It can also result in some higher gas and energy bills.
  3. Dry, Irritated Skin: When you have hard water, you can say goodbye to having a relaxing shower and instead be met with irritation and annoyance. Exposure to hard water can lead to dry, irritating skin that will see you itching all over!
  4. Reduced Water Pressure: Are you experiencing reduced water pressure in all of your plumbing fixtures? Scaling from hard water can back up your pipes, which can decrease water pressure and result in showers and sinks not giving you the pressure needed for a relaxing shower or washing the dishes.

Contact Precision today for water softening in Carol Stream. If you notice any of these 5 signs, call us now!


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