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4 Tips for Avoiding a Clogged Sink in Wheaton, IL

A clogged sink in Wheaton, IL is unfortunate, especially when you consider it could’ve been easily avoided if you just took a few simple actions. It’s doubly unfortunate when you consider just how often you’re relying on your sink on a daily basis, either in your kitchen and bathroom. One small clog can interrupt how you function in your home every day. Of course, all mulling aside, you need to take action immediately when your sink clogs up not only just to keep your sink working, but also to preserve your entire plumbing system.

Fortunately, the team at Precision is here to help you with your clogged sink in Wheaton, IL by ensuring those nasty drain clogs won’t impact your plumbing system again any time soon. In addition to our high-quality drain cleaning service, we can also provide you with tips so you’ll what steps to take in order to avoid clogs altogether in the future. When it comes to bettering your drains, we should be your first choice for service.

How Can You Avoid a Clogged Sink in Wheaton, IL?

The next time you think you’re on the verge of a clogging catastrophe with your sink, you may want to take the following steps to avoid that drama altogether:

  1. Keep Grease and Oil Away: Thinking about discarding that grease or cooking oil from tonight’s dinner down the sink? Don’t. Grease and oil will only stick to your drains and harden, making passage through drains impossible. Instead, store grease or oil in a storage bag and throw it away in the regular garbage.
  2. Use Hot Water: You should periodically allow for hot water to enter your drains. In a similar vein to how hot water will loosen up any filth on your dirty dishes, it will also loosen up any substance sticking your drains and help you prevent an otherwise massive clog.
  3. Consider a Strainer: For both kitchen and bathroom sinks, a strainer will prove a valuable tool in preventing any hair, soap scum, or food scraps to enter and clog up your drains. While the strainer will need to be cleaned periodically to ensure the most effective performance, it’s an absolute must for any sink.
  4. Install a Garbage Disposal: A garbage disposal will chop up larger food scraps into much smaller pieces that will easily pass through your drains. Not only does it lower the chances of a sink clog, it also reduces the amount of waste going to your landfill. Contact your local plumber for installation and to determine if you have the right electrical connections.

Contact Precision today at (630) 523-8453 if you are experiencing a clogged sink in Wheaton, IL and we’ll be glad to help you to fix it!


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