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3 Tips to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal from a Bloomingdale Plumber

Any Bloomingdale plumber can tell you about the importance of your garbage disposal. It’s an incredibly important appliance that shreds up any food waste that would otherwise struggle to pass through your drains. But unfortunately, we encounter one too many Bloomingdale residents who mishandle their garbage disposal and leave it worse for wear. A blocked, non-working garbage disposal is bad business for a home that relies heavily on clean drains to go about their day-to-day activities.

Fortunately, Precision has a Bloomingdale plumber who can also tell you how to maintain your garbage disposal so you’re not going back and forth to a plumbing service to undo frequent clogs. When you think your garbage disposal is beyond salvation, we advise you to take comfort in knowing there are plenty of ways to avoid total disaster and keep your garbage disposal intact!

What Does Our Bloomingdale Plumber Recommend?

If you want your garbage disposal to work for a longer period of time, then take these 3 tips from our Bloomingdale plumber into consideration:

  1. Clean Drains Regularly: Even if you do throw anything down the garbage disposal which doesn’t belong, clogging can be still be reduced if you clean your drains on a regular basis. There are a number of ways to keep your drains clean, including the use of baking soda or even apply a bent wire coat hanger. Contact a professional service like Precision to get a more thorough cleaning, however.
  2. Keep Cooking Grease Away: One would think cooking grease would make drains slicker, but that can’t be anymore incorrect. Cooking grease can actually stick to your drains and harden, which slows down the process of waste pass through the drains. Also, because it’s not a solid substance, it’s impossible for the garbage disposal to shred it up.
  3. Avoid Periods of Inactivity: When your garbage disposal goes through longer periods of inactivity, it allows waste sticking to your drains to harden, which makes it incredibly difficult to chop once you start using the appliance. It’d be a shame to have such a useful appliance go to waste, so make sure to keep using it at any possible opportunity.

Contact Precision at (630) 523-8453 to learn more from a Bloomingdale plumber on how to maintain your garbage disposal!


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